Timothy Wood

Headshot of Timothy Wood

Timothy Wood

Associate Professor

Department: Computer Science


Email: Timothy Wood
Office Phone: (202) 994-1918
SEH 4580

Professor Timothy Wood's research studies how cloud computing platforms can be built from massive data centers containing thousands of servers and storage devices. He seeks to improve the performance, reliability, and energy efficiency of these large distributed systems by adding automation and intelligence at the operating system and virtualization layers. 

  • Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, 2011
  • M.S., University of Massachusetts, 2009
  • B.S., Rutgers University, 2005
  • Operating and Distributed Systems
  • Networking

Selected Publications

  • NFVnice: Dynamic Backpressure and Scheduling for NFV Service Chains.  
Sameer Kulkarni, Wei Zhang, Jinho Hwang, Shriram Rajagopalan, K.K. Ramakrishnan, Timothy Wood, Mayutan Arumaithurai, and Xiaoming Fu.  ACM SIGCOMM, August 2017
  • Flurries: Countless Fine-Grained NFs for Flexible Per-Flow Customization.  
Wei Zhang, Jinho Hwang, Shriram Rajagopalan, K.K. Ramakrishnan, and Timothy Wood.  ACM Co-NEXT, December 2016.
  • NetKV: Scalable, Self-Managing, Load Balancing as a Network Function.  
Wei Zhang, Timothy Wood, and Jinho Hwang.  IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC 16), July 2016. Winner of the Karsten Schwan Best Paper Award
  • NetVM: High Performance and Flexible Networking using Virtualization on Commodity Platforms. Jinho Hwang, K.K. Ramakrishnan, and Timothy Wood, USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI), April 2014.
  • An Empirical Study of Memory Sharing in Virtual Machines. Sean Barker, Timothy Wood, Prashant Shenoy, and Ramesh Sitaraman. USENIX Annual Technical Conference, June 2012.
  • Adaptive Dynamic Priority Scheduling for Virtual Desktop Infrastructures. Jinho Hwang, and Timothy Wood, IEEE International Workshop on Quality of Service (IWQoS), June 2012. Best Student Paper Award
  • Memory Buddies: Exploiting Page Sharing for Smart Colocation in Virtualized Data Centers. Timothy Wood, Gabriel Tarasuk-Levin, Prashant Shenoy, Peter Desnoyers, Emmanuel Cecchet, and Mark Corner. International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments (VEE), March 2009. Best Paper Award
  • Black-box and Gray-box Strategies for Virtual Machine Migration. Timothy Wood, Prashant Shenoy, Arun Venkataramani, and Mazin Yousif. Usenix Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI), April 2007.