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First Years
Fiona Mesfin headshot

Fiona Mesfin
Fiona Mesfin is a first year student originally from Asmara, Eritrea, but moved to Bethesda, Maryland, four years ago with her family. She is now pursuing a major in Biomedical Engineering with a pre-med route. She hopes to use Engineering to enhance the technology used in the medical field. At GW Fiona is interested in joining George Hacks, the National Society of Black Engineers, and the Ethiopian and Eritrean Student Association(ESSA). Additionally, Fiona is thrilled to study abroad and explore all the internship and research opportunities here at GW.

Susan Farlow headshot

Susan Farlow
Susan Farlow is a first year student from Fishers, IN. They are pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science with a concentration in cybersecurity, and a potential minor in data science. They are also a member of Alpha Omega Epsilon and Women in Cyber Security. They are excited about being a member of the GW community and engaging in research and internship opportunities.

Elizabeth Krutchen

Elizabeth Krutchen
Elizabeth Krutchen is a first year student from Newburgh, Indiana. She is pursuing a major in Civil Engineering with a possible minor in Peace Studies. She is currently in the Women's Leadership Program and is interested in joining Engineers Without Borders, Steel Bridge, and the Society of Women Engineers. She is excited to study abroad and explore the service opportunities at GW.

Sara Saleh headshot

Sara Saleh
Sara Saleh is a first year pursuing computer science major at George Washington University. She is Palestinian-American and lived most of her life in Jordan until she moved to DC for college. She enjoys spending time with my family, loves reading, playing sports ( she played basketball in high school and is part of GW's rowing team), exploring new places and activities (museums, monuments, new areas), cooking, trying new foods, learning about what's happening in the  world/ reading the news, meeting people of various backgrounds, traveling to new places, and engaging in new experiences that force her to leave her comfort zone. At GW, she hopes to continue growing as an individual while developing her skills and understanding herself more deeply. To continue connecting back with her roots while at GW, she has joined the Arabs@GW club and the MSA, both of which have a large presence on campus and host exciting social events. In addition, she is planning on joining GWRobotics and Baja to engage in hands-on experiences that interconnect computer science and other engineering fields to create a simulation of the real-life interdisciplinary engineering field.

Niyati Shah headshot

Niyati Shah
Niyati Shah is a first year student from New Jersey. She is pursuing a degree in computer science and plans to focus on cyber security. She is also a member of the University Honors Program. At GW, she is interested in joining organizations such as Women in Cyber Security, Society of Women Engineers, Engineers Without Borders, GW Women in Business, and the GW Raas dance team. She is excited to learn about the study abroad, internship, and research opportunities at GW and engage with the DC community.

Yasmein Asfour

Yasmein Asfour
Yasmein Asfour is a sophomore from Chicago, Illinois. She is Palestinian-American and pursuing a major in Computer Engineering. She is interested in joining organizations  such as the Society of Women Engineers, Engineers Without Boarders, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and the Muslim Student Association. Having traveled and lived abroad for several years, Yasmein looks forward to participating in the Study Abroad program in either Korea or London. She is enthusiastic about living in DC and hopes to learn more about the historical significance it holds.

Headshot of James Ashby

James Ashby
James Ashby is a sophomore from Fredericksburg, VA. He is pursuing a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering with a concentration in robotics. He is also a member of the University Honors Program and a research intern for the ILASMS project. In his first year, James plans to join the Design-Build-Fly team, Engineers without Borders, and the GW Rocket Team. He is excited about joining the GW community and looks forward to engaging in research opportunities on automated systems.

Ilincah headshot

Ilinca Hirtopanu
Ilinca Hirtopanu is a sophomore from Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is pursuing a degree in Computer Science with the possibility of a minor in Philosophy. At GW, she is intrigued by the hiking and radio club, as well as the opportunity to be a tutor or teacher’s assistant in classes that she has taken in the past in order to help the community around her. She’s thrilled about the study abroad program and the future bonds she will make with her Clark Scholar peers! The Clark program allowed her to pursue an internship over the past summer, as well as a current internship!

Headshot of Nathan Janssen

Nathan Janssen
Nathan Janssen is a sophomore from Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering with a concentration in robotics and plans to choose a minor. Nathan is part of the GW Design-Build-Fly team, where students build and compete with a remote-controlled airplane. He is excited about studying abroad in his Spring 2024 semester at the University of Dublin, as well as various community service opportunities that DC and GW have to offer. Nathan plans to continue his summer internship with the Naval Undersea Warfare Center and take advantage of the many opportunities that DC has to offer.

Faris Jiwad

Faris Jiwad
Faris Jiwad is a sophomore from Ashburn, VA. He is currently pursuing a degree in computer science with the possibility of a minor in business. While at GW, he plans to join the Muslim Student Association and participate in many service opportunities that are available. With that, Faris is also extremely excited to study abroad and pursue internships, while enjoying the many options of transportation as a commuter.

Headshot of Sarah Levine

Sarah Levine
Sarah Levine is a sophomore from Long Island, NY at George Washington University pursuing a BS in mechanical engineering with an aerospace concentration degree with a minor in art. She has joined the AIAA and Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (OSTEM) to better understand others and hopes to design new innovations by combining art and engineering.

Olival headshot

Olivia Landriscina
Olivia Landriscina is a sophomore from Catonsville, MD, and she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. At GW, Olivia serves as vice president of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and recruitment chair board member for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). In her first year at GW, she worked with Dr. Adam’s research lab in the cleanroom, learning about the fabrication of microelectrode arrays. During the summer of 2023, Olivia participated in an internship with ENTRUST Engineering working on electric utility design. In spring of 2024, she plans to study abroad at University College Dublin in Ireland and is eager to see what new internship opportunities await her for the following summer.

Sofia K headshot

Sofia Khugaeva
Sofia Khugaeva is a sophomore from Moscow, Russia. She is pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering. At GW, Sofia is on the executive board for George Hacks and an active member of GW Boxing Club and the Biomedical Engineering Society. She also volunteers for OneTent Health and has a job on campus. She is planning on studying abroad at Queen Mary University of London in Spring 2024. In the upcoming years, Sofia is excited about internships and getting more involved with the DC and GW communities.

Headshot of Omar Moharram

Omar Moharram
Omar Moharram is a sophomore from Springfield, VA. He is studying biomedical engineering with a possible minor in chemistry. He is interested in joining organizations such as Engineers without borders, Baha, and the Muslim student association. He’s thrilled to have the opportunity to use GW's engineering program, internship, and research opportunities to enhance the quality and access to healthcare in our community and beyond.

Headshot of Caruso

Luca Caruso
Luca Caruso is a junior from Haddonfield, NJ. He is pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering with a possible minor in mechanical engineering. Luca is a mentor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science Student Peer Advisory Network (SEASSPAN) and a member of Theta Tau. This past year he was an IT Intern at Lavner Camps. While at GW, Luca hopes to get involved with Engineers Without Borders. He is also excited about internship opportunities and studying abroad.

Headshot of Kailey Christensen
Kailey Christensen
Kailey Christensen is a junior from Staten Island, NY. She is pursuing a bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering, with a potential minor in electrical engineering. She is currently a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, the University Honors Program, and the Society of Women Engineers. In the upcoming year, Kailey is excited to explore internship opportunities and get more involved in the GW community.
Isabella Dambrosio headshot

Isabella D'ambrosio
Isabella D'Ambrosio is a junior from Downingtown, PA pursuing a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. At GW, Isabella is on the leadership team of GW Baja, where students design, build, and compete in a single-seat off-road vehicle. She also serves as a mentor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science Student Peer Advisory Network (SEASSPAN), assisting first-year engineering students with their transition to college. Isabella is excited to take advantage of the opportunities the Clark program offers. She studied abroad in the Spring of 2023 and spent her summer interning for a Naval contractor, where she continues to work part-time.

Mustafa Farooq

Mustafa Farooq
Mustafa Farooq is a Junior from Herndon, VA. He is pursuing a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. At GW, Mustafa is the Treasurer of GW Robotics, an avid member of IEEE, and works as a Learning Assistant for Circuit Theory. Last semester he was blessed with the opportunity to study abroad at The American University of Sharjah in the UAE and experience the rich culture that surrounds it. During the summer of 2022, he conducted two internships: working as a Technical Analyst Intern at CYDEO and a Neural Networks intern under the guidance of Professor Ahmadi. Most recently in the Summer of 2023, he worked at Dell Technologies as a System Architect Intern where he performed GPU tests and power measurements for Dell laptops as a part of the Innovation Excellence Platform Team. As a Junior, he is excited to start working as an ECE Research Assistant and explore different internship opportunities while studying in the nation’s capital.

Gillian Fuhrmeister headshot

Gillian Fuhrmeister
Gillian Fuhrmeister is a junior from Mount Juliet, TN. She is pursuing a degree in civil engineering with a minor in sustainability and is interested in sustainable building design and construction. Gillian is an active member of Theta Tau, GW's Professional Engineering Fraternity, where she is serving as the organization's Vice Regent for the 2023-2024 academic year. In the spring of 2023, Gillian had the opportunity to study abroad at University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland. During Summer 2022, she interned with Grunley Construction as a field engineer on a historical preservation project in Downtown DC. For Summer 2023, Gillian held an ESG Project Management Internship position with Teradata, which she is continuing into the school year.

Rashed  Havajneh headshots

Rashed Hayajneh 
Rashed Hayajneh is a junior from West Hartford, CT. He is studying mechanical engineering with a concentration in aerospace. Throughout his junior year he is looking forward to his continued involvement with the GW Rocket aeronautics team as well as baja. He will also continue expanding on his talents in art and design at the Art and Soul club . Over the summer, he worked as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Megan Leftwich's lab relating to fluid mechanics. He is also excited to be studying abroad during his spring semester.

Sylmira Kailey

Sylmira Kailey
Sylmira Kailey is a junior from Houston, TX. She is pursuing a major in computer science with a minor in astronomy and astrophysics. Sylmira is the Vice-Chair of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, as well as a member of the executive board of the National Society of Black Engineers. Additionally, she assists the On-Board Computer Team in the Micro-Propulsion and Nanotechnology Lab on their work with CubeSats. Sylmira works as a Senior Technical Support Assistant for the School of Engineering and the School of Public Health. In the coming years, Syl is excited to become more integrated into GW’s community and take advantage of the amazing opportunities that DC has to offer.


Domninic Savarina headshot

Dominic Savarino
Dominic Savarino is a junior from Mechanicsburg, PA. He is pursuing a major in mechanical engineering with a concentration in aerospace and a minor in mathematics. Dominic is currently an intern in the instrument division of Space Telescope Science Institute, working on wavelength calibration for NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. He has previously worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation as part of a survey team focused on infrastructure quality. At GW, Dominic works in advising for the Office for Study Abroad and is a member of SEASSPAN and GW Rocket. He studied abroad at UNSW in Sydney, Australia during the spring of 2023. Dominic is very excited to explore more opportunities at GW and in the DC area.

Headshot of Emilia Schimdt

Emilia Schmidt
Emma Schmidt is a Junior from Austin, TX. She is studying civil engineering with a minor in classical and ancient near eastern studies. During her time at GW, Emma has gotten involved with the Society of Women Engineers, GW Shakespeare Company, GW Steel Bridge Team, and Alpha Omega Epsilon Engineering Sorority in addition to serving on the board of the Engineers' Society and the American Society of Civil Engineers! She loves all the unique experiences and opportunities presented by DC, GW, and the Clark program, and has completed two summer internships and a semester abroad in Dublin with the support of the Clark Scholars Program. In her career, she hopes to help create sustainable cities and is especially passionate about transportation design.


Headshot of Anthony Yalong
Anthony Yalong

Anthony Yalong is a junior from San Jose, CA. He is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering with a potential minor in Mathematics and/or Computer Science. On campus, Anthony is a member of the GW Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. He intends to associate himself with other on-campus clubs and groups such as Atoms to Astronauts and GW Philippine Cultural Society. Anthony enjoys learning more about Asian culture, more specifically Japanese and Korean shows, music, and dance. He hopes to study abroad in Korea in the spring semester of 2023.

Anastasia Brickner headshot

Anastasia Brickner
Anastasia Brickner is a senior from Syracuse, NY. They are pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering and will be continuing their education in an Orthotist Prosthetist Master's Program. They are an active participant in numerous student organizations and have found a vast community both in and out of GW Engineering. Anastasia does research with Professor Mark Reeves using light sensors to detect the movement and dissipation of aerosol particles in classrooms and other settings. They are also a Learning Assistant in Dr. Reeves' Physics with Biological Applications classes, providing insight for students while exercising pedagogical practices. During the summer of 2023, they interned at Syracuse Prosthetic and Orthotics Center, and the Syracuse Veterans Affairs Medical Center. They saw patients of various backgrounds and needs and participated in the alteration and fabrication of numerous medical devices.

Headshot of Ethan Cohen

Ethan Cohen
Ethan Cohen is a senior from Phoenix, Arizona. He is studying Computer Science with a minor in Political Science. At GW, he is involved in the Quiz Bowl team, and is an active SEASSPAN mentor for first-year engineering students. Last summer, he worked on the software side of a transportation logistics firm. He is also excited to be studying abroad in the spring semester 2023.

Headshot of Gerald Fattah
Gerald Fattah

Gerald Fattah is a senior from Mount Airy, MD. He is pursuing a major in mechanical engineering with minors in electrical engineering and computer science and a concentration in robotics. In addition, he is currently a student in the University Honors Program. Gerald leads GW's student section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as President and is the avionics lead on the GW Rocket Team. During the summer of 2023, Gerald interned as a controls engineer at Tesla in Austin, TX and before that was a robotics engineering intern at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He is excited to explore full-time opportunities as he prepares to graduate in the spring of 2023.

Headshot of Amy Fehr
Amy Fehr

Amy Fehr is a senior from Leesburg, VA. She is studying biomedical engineering with a minor in computer engineering. In her senior year, she will be serving as a co-philanthropy chair for the Biomedical Engineering Society as well as the president of the Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society. This year, Amy will continue her work in Dr. Lu's integrated bioelectronics lab. This work will lead to her beginning her master's thesis in the Lu lab as a member of GW's five year master's program.

Headshot of Evan Fries
Evan Fries

Evan Fries is a senior from Flemington, NJ. He is studying computer science with an interest in cybersecurity. Since 2022, he has been conducting scholarly research at GW's Usable Security and Privacy Lab. In addition to this, he is a member of the University Honors Program and the NSF CyberCorps Scholarship for Service Program. Next year, he will pursue his Master's degree in computer science as a part of the Five-Year program.

Arielle Maignan headshot

Mishkat Habib
Mishkat Habib is a senior born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan and currently living in Virginia. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. She is interested in pursuing a career at the interface of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering. Mishkat is currently a SEASSPAN mentor, an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Hovel-Miner's lab researching druggable targets for African Trypanosomiasis, and a learning assistant for BME 3910: Capstone Design Preparation. In the summer after her sophomore year, she completed an internship at FDA in the National Center for Toxicological Research under the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics. In her free time, she enjoys baking, going to the gym, and spending time with family and friends.

Davis Hunt

Davis Hundt is a senior from Winston-Salem, NC. He is studying civil engineering with a minor in business administration. On campus, he is a member of GWU ASCE and Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Fraternity. Over the previous summers, he interned at Allied Design and HDR, Inc. where he enjoyed contributing to design and construction projects. Davis loves living in the nation's capital and looks forward to the opportunities the city has to offer.


Headshot of Annette Jiménez

Annette Jiménez
Annette Jiménez is a senior born and raised in Santiago, Dominican Republic. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. Annette currently is the President of the Society of Hispanic Engineers, a SEASSPAN mentor, and is involved in other organizations such as Alpha Omega Epsilon. She studied abroad in London in the Fall of 2022, and considers it the best experience of her life. Annette has interned in the Dominican Republic at DISS, allowing her to participate, along with certified engineers, in the maintenance, preparation, and even installation of diagnostic imaging devices such as CTs, MRIs, and X Rays. Since this summer, she has been researching with Dr. Mark Reeves on the Aerosol Project, in which she analyzes aerosol concentration in academic spaces to ensure classroom safety from airborne diseases. Annette enjoys living in DC and is excited to make the most out of her senior year!


Ashley Kraekel headshot 2
Ashley Kraekel

Ashley Kraekel, a senior from Damascus, MD, is majoring in mechanical engineering at GWU. She's a dedicated undergraduate research assistant, currently exploring algae aggregation as an export path for aquatic microplastic contaminants. In addition to her research, Ashley serves as a Front Desk Lead at GWU's Engineering Advising Office and actively participates in the Solar District Cup on GW's Technical Design Team. Her industry experience includes an internship at WFT Engineering, where she designed innovative HVAC systems, and prior roles as an IT intern and technology instructor.

Bridget Orr
Bridget Orr

Bridget is a senior Electrical Engineering major from Pennsylvania (the best state). In the summer of 2023, she worked at Amazon headquarters in Seattle as a Hardware Development Engineer Intern, designing power electronics for Amazon Just Walk Out stores. She also worked as an Electrical Engineering intern on a solar farm construction project in Mojave, CA in 2022. She got up at 4am everyday for that job. During the school year, she enjoys her classes, and pizza and painting on Friday nights with friends.


Brooke Wilson headshot

Brooke Wilson
Brooke Wilson is a senior from Parkton, MD. She is majoring in Biomedical Engineering with minors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She currently serves as the president of the Biomedical Engineering Society, is a member of Alpha Omega Epsilon engineering sorority and club cross country, and is a SEAS Student Peer Advisory Network first-year mentor. Summer of 2022, she interned at AstraZeneca with the Manufacturing Sciences and Technology team. Thanks to the Clark program, she studied abroad in Sydney Australia at University of New South Wales during her junior year. During the summer of 2023 she interned at Becton Dickinson as an Research and Development Intern. While at GW, she also works as a Product Engineering Intern at Otolith Labs, a start-up in DC developing a wearable solution for vertigo.

Headshot of Peter Wright
Peter Wright

Peter Wright is a senior from Hamilton, NJ. He is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering with a concentration in aerospace and a minor in computer science. This last summer, Peter was a SUPER (Summer Undergraduate Program for Engineering Research) Fellow studying the fluid dynamics of deep diving whale cardiovascular systems. He also is the aerostructures team lead for GW Rocket and a member of ASME. Peter is excited for senior year and to explore the post grad opportunities this city has to offer!