Science and Engineering Hall

view of SEH

First-time visitors to GW’s new Science and Engineering Hall (SEH) push open the doors at any one of its entrances and are immediately struck by the light-filled and open commons spaces. And when they glance down to the atrium below—which they always do—they can’t help but notice the vibrant display of its green wall, one of the building’s three. And then, as they start to make their way through the building, they usually do a double-take at the glass walls, designed to be written on and covered with equations, lines of computer code, or simple lists of processes and tasks.

What most impresses them, however, are the labs and the classrooms—the spaces where SEAS students and faculty teach and learn, discover and invent. These are the spaces where we work, and the new SEH is changing the way we do that. In the process, it is proving to be exactly what we expected it to be: the enabler of our ambitions.

Lehman Auditorium 

B1220, B1270

Currently, these rooms are being used separately only. SEH B1220 is set up with theater style seating (94 seats) and SEH B1270 is set up in scale-up style seating (6 round tables of 9). Both these rooms feature a lecture podium with microphone and a ceiling mounted projector with connections for laptop projection as well.

To request to use any of these spaces, please visit the GW Venues website.