GW-Korea University Partnership

The 2015 Korea University Partnership Reunion


The GW-Korea University Partnership program, established in 2011, supports the exchange of students between SEAS and Korea University’s College of Engineering. The program was made possible by the generosity of alumnus Simon S. Lee (MS ’05), who wanted to create a bridge between Korea University and the George Washington University.

A full list of student participants is posted below. Students from Korea University are denoted with an asterisk.




  • Audrey Bacskai
  • Jordan Giacoma
  • Nada Kamona
  • Jiangnan (Louise) Lu
  • Zainab Mahmood
  • Christopher Mathes
  • Gabriel Papadatos
  • Jihye (Angela) Park
  • Joshua Shapiro
  • Katherine Walke



  • Shakti Gurikar
  • John Buchholz
  • Aleksandra (Sasha) Desansky
  • Michael Esposito
  • Chi Hang (Ernest) Lo
  • Alissa Varghese
  • Jesse  Salad
  • Sabrina Wallace



  • Ryan Herbst
  • Jay Shah
  • Maria Stroukoff
  • John Shannon
  • Ye Jin Chung *
  • Chee Yun Chung *
  • Soobin Kang *
  • Changwoo Woo (Eng) *
  • Yongik Yae (Eng) *



  • Adedayo Jobi-Odeneye
  • Shawn Carrick
  • Alix Cohen
  • Kenneth Hurt
  • Anthony Lyons
  • Jacob Learned
  • Shayda Shahbazi
  • James Pizzurro
  • Hyun Jung Park *
  • Jo Won Shin *
  • Bo Yeong Yoon *
  • Minseung Lee *
  • Minji Shim *



  • Corinne Chinkidjakarn
  • Michael Cho
  • Donna Ly
  • Molly Olsen
  • Mark Tentindo
  • Aaron Williams
  • Christopher Yap
  • Alexis Gorin
  • Charles Lee
  • Jeongyoon Lee
  • Rebecca Lee



  • Johnny Araujo
  • Kristina DiBenedetto
  • Jason Hatchett
  • Andrew Miller
  • Soohyun Myung
  • Roger Nahum
  • Darwin Rinderer
  • Johann Botha









Maria Stroukoff sitting in front of a South Korean ally building

Maria Stroukoff SEAS ‘17

"Studying abroad at Korea University was the most enriching and eye-opening experience of my life. The friendships I made in Seoul will last a lifetime and I can't wait to go back and visit the city again! When you study abroad at KU there is a huge support system built in both in the US and in Korea through student mentors in Seoul and the alumni network back on campus at GW. As well as this, the scholarship from Simon and Anna Lee made my trip to Seoul truly possible."


Sasha Desansky in South Korea in front of a stone statue

Sasha Desansky SEAS ‘17

“Words cannot truly describe how much fun and excitement I had studying abroad at Korea University in Seoul. From the KUBA buddies to the other international students, I have made friends from all over the world and we were able to experience how incredible Korea is together. I have made memories that will last me a lifetime and, if given the opportunity, I would go back in a heartbeat. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!