B.S. in Computer Engineering/M.S. in Engineering Management

The combined five-year B.S. and M.S. degree provides an opportunity for students to complete a conventional four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering with one additional year of study to earn a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management. This is an accelerated program intended for full-time on-campus students.

In addition to GW's guidelines for completing a dual bachelor's/master's degree, students must meet the following academic requirements:

  1. Complete the following three (3) graduate level courses offered through the Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering (EMSE) as technical electives during their undergraduate program. These will be applied towards the M.S. degree in Engineering Management:
    • EMSE 6001 The Management of Technical Organizations
    • EMSE 6005 Organizational Behavior for the Engineering Manager
    • EMSE 6020 Decision Making with Uncertainty 
  2. Upon completion of the B.S. degree, students take the following 9 courses to complete the program. These must be completed within one to one half years following graduation from the B.S. program:
    • Two Additional Focus Course Requirements:
      • EMSE 6820 Program and Project Management
      • EMSE 6099 Problems in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering**
    • Five Additional Approved Electives, at least three from the following list:
      • EMSE 6014 Management of Engineering Contracts
      • EMSE 6010 The Human Resources Function for Engineering Managers
      • EMSE 6018 Engineering Law
      • EMSE 6070 Management of Research and Development
      • EMSE 6430 Finance for Engineers
      • EMSE 6505 Knowledge Management I
      • EMSE 6760 Discrete Systems Simulation
      • EMSE 6805 Systems Engineering II
      • EMSE 6023 Technology Issue Analysis
      • EMSE 6026 Technical Enterprises
      • EMSE 6035 Marketing of Technology I
      • EMSE 6030 Technological Forecasting and Management
      • EMSE 6992 Special Topics (as approved by advisor)

*Undergraduate Systems Engineering majors may substitute a course for EMSE 6410 
**Must be taken in the final semester of study 

For further information, please visit the website of the Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering.