Digital Form Submission for SEAS Undergraduates

You can submit a form once it has been signed using the links below. Please note the following before submitting your form:

  • You should only submit one form at a time through the portal.
  • The form must be a PDF and must contain all attachments associated with that form.
  • You should use the following nomenclature and format to label the form:
    Dept_Last Name_Form Name (ie. BME_Smith_TCAF)

Note: Students submitting an RTF for a SEAS course must submit the signed for to the department in which that course is being offered (ie. CE courses would go to the Civil Engineering Department) for final department approval in addition to faculty approval. Please submit your signed form to these departments for department approval after receiving the faculty signature via email:

Course Department Email

BME Courses

Biomedical Engineering Department [email protected]
CE Courses and APSC 2057 Civil and Environmental Engineering Department [email protected]
CSCI Courses Computer Science Department  [email protected]
ECE Courses and APSC 2114 Electrical and Computer Engineering Department 

[email protected]

EMSE Courses and APSC 3115 Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department  [email protected]
MAE Courses, APSC 2058, and APSC 2113

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department 

[email protected]

SEAS Courses APSC 1001, and Non-SEAS Courses SEAS Office of Undergraduate Student Service and Advising  [email protected]
File Naming Guide for Forms
Biomedical Engineering Department BME
Civil and Environmental Engineering Department CEE
Computer Science Department  CS
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department  ECE
Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department  EMSE
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department  MAE




Academic History Update

Dept_Last Name_AcadHist

Application for Double Degree

Dept_Last Name_ DoubDeg

Application for Credit Overload

Dept_Last Name _Overload

Complete Withdrawal

Dept_Last Name_ CWithdrawal

Consortium Registration

Dept_Last Name _Consortium

Continuous Enrollment/Leave of Absence

Dept_Last Name_CELOA

Course Substitution

Dept_Last Name_Sub

Course Waiver

Dept_Last Name_Waiver

Declaration of Double Major

Dept_Last Name_Dmajor

Declaration of Minor Dept_Last Name_Minor

Academic Forgiveness

Dept_Last Name_AcadForgive

Humanities, Social Science, Non-Technical Form

Dept_Last Name_HSSNT

Late Graduation Application

Dept_Last Name_LateGrad

Major/Advisor/Curriculum Update

Dept_Last Name_MAC

Petition for Exception

Dept_Last Name_Petition

Registration Transaction Form

Dept_Last Name_RTF

Request for an Incomplete

Dept_Last Name_Incomplete

CS Elective Forms Dept_Last Name_CSF

Study Abroad Advising Form

Dept_Last Name_StudyA

Technical Elective

Dept_Last Name_Tech

Transfer Credit Approval Form Dept_Last Name_TCAF

Grade Mode Change Form

Dept_Last Name_PNP



First-Year Student Credit Submission

Incoming first-year students should use this drop box to share unofficial AP scores, IB scores and/or college credit transcripts to the SEAS Undergraduate Advising Team. Note: You only need to submit scores that you did not submit using your First-Year Course Registration Packet, or those that were not available when completing the packet.

Remember: you must follow the instructions on the Bring Credit to GW page to have your AP, IB and transfer credit officially awarded. Submitting your credit here helps your advisor to audit and confirm your fall schedule and failure to submit your credit may result in schedule changes.

Please upload all files as PDFs and make sure each document includes your full name. Be sure to use the following naming conventions:

LastName_FirstName_AP (e.g. Smith_David_AP)
LastName_FirstName_IB (e.g. Smith_David_IB)
LastName_FirstName_Transcript (ie. Smith_Transcript)

Students submitting multiple transcripts for college credits earned at different institutions should also include the name of the respective institutions in those filenames.

First-Year Student Credit Dropbox