Mission of the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS)

Founded in 1884, the mission of the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) of The George Washington University is to serve the global community by:

  • Providing high quality undergraduate, graduate and professional educational opportunities.
  • Stimulating and promoting innovative fundamental and applied research activities.

Located in the nation’s capital, SEAS strives to promote a multicultural technological community and maintain and develop special integrated programs with industry and government.

SEAS' programs and degrees prepare professionals to be confident in their understanding of science and technology, capable of exercising constructive leadership, creative in the face of new environmental and societal challenges, and agile in the application of critical analytical skills during a life long learning that will open new career horizons.

In all of its activities, the School strives to create a vibrant atmosphere, providing for interaction and joint ventures among faculty, students, and the abundant resources of scientists and facilities available in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

The mission of the George Washington University is available on the main GW website.