Technical Electives, Technical GPA, and SEAS GPA

All SEAS students must have a 2.2 technical GPA and a 2.0 SEAS GPA for all courses required for that degree as well as 2.0 university GPA in order to graduate.

What constitutes a technical course is determined by each program. For applied science and technology, biomedical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and systems engineering majors, all technical courses taken during the fifth through eighth semesters as outlined on each program’s four-year curriculum sheet and approved by the student's faculty advisor, are counted towards the student's technical GPA. Current and archived curriculum sheets are available from SEAS departments.

As of fall 2014, for the BA and BS programs in computer science, all CSCI courses count toward the student's technical GPA.

Each student is assigned a curriculum year, with its own set of requirements, based either on time of matriculation at GW or time of declaring a major. For students who choose to update their curriculum year to a more recent one, courses that apply toward their technical or SEAS GPA may change. The same is true for students who change their SEAS major. Students should consult their faculty advisor before making any changes to their academic plans. Additionally, any required course that is repeated or retaken will have all grades included in the GPA calculations of the technical and SEAS GPA. All courses taken (repeated or retaken) will be calculated into your University GPA.