About SEAS


How does SEAS produce such outstanding engineers and computer scientists?  A spectacular new Science and Engineering Hall, a fast growing research enterprise, talented faculty recruited from top programs, and our unique location are the ingredients of our success.

40% of SEAS Faculty is Newly Hired within the last 8 years. More than half of these faculty earned doctoral degrees from the nation's top engineering and computer science programs including MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Princeton, and Georgia Tech
Twice the national average of female undergraduates, 50% more female faculty than the national average. Nearly 90% of SEAS students take advantage of the numerous internship and co-ops in the DC region
The Clark Scholars Program endowed at $16 million, provides need-based scholarships and leadership training for top undergraduates. The department of Electrical and computer engineering boasts 7 IEEE fellows. SEAS built one of the nation's leading Fluid dynamics research programs over a 5 year period