A Tale of Two Topics: Sarkar Invited to Give Seminar at GALCIT

March 6, 2023

Dr. Kausik Sarkar

Dr. Kausik Sarkar, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, was invited to give a seminar at the Graduate Aerospace Laboratories of the California Institute of Technology (GALCIT) on February 17. His talk focused on his two research interests, thus the seminar was titled, “A Tale of two topics: Bubbles for imaging, therapeutics and tissue engineering and A pair of drops in a viscoelestic medium.”  

Sarkar began his talk with an overview of his team’s recent efforts on microbubbles, which you can learn more about here, and ultrasound-assisted bone and cartilage tissue engineering in 3D-printed scaffolds. He then moved on to the second part of his talk which briefly touched on his second research interest, CFD simulations of viscous and viscoelastic emulsions, their rheology, and shear-induced diffusion. 

In summary, Sarkar’s talk was on how tiny bubbles injected into the bloodstream can improve the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and cancer through ultrasound imaging, how they can help in therapeutics and tissue engineering, and how engineering can help design bubbles for specific clinical purposes.

“I am always excited to talk about my research and welcome any opportunities. It's particularly wonderful to be invited to give a seminar at engineering institutes such as Caltech,” Sarkar stated.