SEAS alumna: Hannah Stuart

Hannah Stuart

Hannah Stuart graduated from GW with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and began her graduate studies in design and robotics the next fall at Stanford University.

As an undergraduate, she took full advantage of the opportunities that SEAS and GW offer.  Hannah earned a National Science Foundation International Research Experience for Students award and spent a summer conducting fuel cell research at Beijing Jiaotong University.  She later entered her research in the SEAS Research & Development Showcase, winning the Best Undergraduate Poster prize that year.  

During her senior year, she was part of a team of SEAS undergraduates who won one of the coveted spots in NASA’s Microgravity University Program and had the chance to conduct experiments aboard the “Weightless Wonder,” NASA’s reduced gravity aircraft.  After finishing their flights, Hannah Stuart posted this note on the team's Facebook page: "Flying is awesome!!! . . . Our team was energetic and robust throughout both flights. . .We had the time of our lives--gravity is overrated."

Hannah came to GW after being recruited to play varsity volleyball.  Although balancing her busy practice and game schedule with a rigorous engineering course load was a challenge, she says she cannot imagine her SEAS experience without volleyball.

"I think playing volleyball enhanced my academic experience," said Hannah. "College athletics really increased my confidence level and made me excel at both [athletics and academics]."