SEAS alumna: Andrea Lehn

Andrea Lehn

Professors, mentors, and donors all played important roles in the journey that took Andrea Lehn from an undeclared freshman to a graduating senior with a biomedical engineering degree and onto a doctoral program in mechanical engineering at MIT.  

As a freshman, Andrea was selected for the Clark Engineering Scholars program at SEAS, which opened doors for her extraordinary undergraduate experiences through research, study abroad, and even participation in conferences. She began doing undergraduate research with SEAS Professor Megan Leftwich and as her research progressed, she was able to develop it into her senior design project.

Her research also took her to interesting places along the way, most notably to Dr. George Lauder’s laboratory at Harvard University and to the University of Melbourne in Australia, where she spent a semester abroad.  And, she also had the opportunity to present her work at conferences, and it was at a conference that she met the professor who subsequently became her graduate advisor at MIT.