Professor Helveston Explains the Importance of ‘World’s First’ EV Battery Passport Debuting with Volvo’s New EX90

June 4, 2024

EV Charging

In the article “Volvo’s new EX90 electric SUV will launch with the ‘world’s first’ EV battery passport,” Electrek interviewed assistant professor John Helveston for his insight into the importance of the EV battery passport being launched with the release of the new Volvo EX90 later this year.

Here is an excerpt from the article: John Helveston, an assistant professor of engineering and systems management at George Washington University, told Electrek: “Battery passports are an important development for consumers because they will track the state of the vehicle’s battery health over time as the vehicle is charged and discharged. This is especially important for buyers in the used car market who otherwise have no information about battery health. Mileage, for example, doesn’t fully reflect battery health – what matters much more is how the battery was cycled over its life (e.g. slow or fast, how “deep”, etc.). Future customers will be able to learn much more about the vehicle they’re buying from battery passports.”

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