Explore our online offerings including three Master of Science in engineering programs and three Master of Engineering programs designed to help students achieve their professional goals.

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

The online electrical engineering master’s degree program equips students with the core engineering knowledge and the specialized technical skills they need to plan, design, implement, and manage sophisticated electrical systems. Graduates will be capable of working in the present technological environment and of adapting to the profession as it advances.

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Master of Science in Engineering Management

The online master’s in engineering management program provides a specialized alternative to traditional business coursework, focusing specifically on leadership for engineering-driven projects. Students develop a thorough understanding of technical management, which can be applied directly to environments such as technology companies, scientific firms, manufacturing facilities and energy companies.

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Master of Science in Systems Engineering

To develop complex systems and efficiently manage projects, professionals must draw on concepts and methods from a variety of disciplines. The online master’s in systems engineering program is designed to build a full range of relevant skills for managers and leaders. Professionals in IT, analytics and other technology fields can advance their careers by preparing to supervise every stage of technical development and implementation processes and maintain long-term system performance.

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Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity Policy & Compliance

The online master’s in cybersecurity policy and compliance offers an engineering management-focused course of study, providing an overview of cryptography, security systems, algorithms, and software paradigms, a perfect choice for those interested in exploring the complex intersections between policy, business, and technology. Students of the program will become familiar with industry-recognized frameworks and methodologies as they train to take charge in the fast-paced world of information security.

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Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity Analytics

To confront increasingly complex, large-scale cyberthreats, professionals need the technical skills to identify problems early and the business knowledge to implement practical mitigation strategies. The online master’s in cybersecurity analytics explores the latest tools and techniques for intrusion detection, cyber forensics and risk assessment, plus innovative approaches like open-source intelligence analysis. This program can prepare students to start a cybersecurity career or provide experienced professionals with an edge as they counter the next wave of cyberattacks and data breaches.

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Master of Engineering in Cloud Computing Management

Cloud computing is essential to everyday operations and long-term strategic planning in today’s increasingly data-driven organizations. The online master’s in cloud computing management develops the skills to plan investments in cloud technology, optimize deployments, apply machine learning techniques and lead migrations at any scale, including for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. This multidisciplinary program can benefit students from both technical and non-technical backgrounds by deepening their understanding of how cloud architecture and applications impact business decisions.

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About GW Engineering

GW is one of the first universities in the nation to establish an academic department in engineering management and systems engineering. Since 1954, the EMSE Department has built a solid reputation for preparing engineers to excel. Our dedication to responsive, relevant teaching has enabled the Department to gain and hold its place among the premier engineering institutions in the world.

As a result, graduates of our online programs can expand into new roles as efficient, driven managers and leaders, approaching the many interconnected elements that impact engineering projects from a wide-ranging perspective.


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The George Washington University’s online graduate programs in engineering provide you with the knowledge you need to expand your credentials and achieve your goals. GW combines research, practical curricula, and student-focused teaching to guide students toward expertise in their field.

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