October 17-23, 2016


October 17, 2016

Faculty News


Prof. James Lee (MAE), working in collaboration with his former students, Dr. Leyu Wang and Dr. Zidong Yang, and with his colleagues, Prof. Cing-Dao Kan (George Mason University), Prof. Azim Eskandarian (Virginia Tech), and Prof. I-Shih Liu (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), has published the following articles: 1) L. Wang, J.D. Lee, and C-D. Kan. “Work conjugate pair of stress and strain in molecular dynamics,” International Journal of Smart and Nano Materials (2016). doi:10.1080/19475411.2016. 1233141; 2) Z. Yang, J.D. Lee, and I. Liu, et al. “On non-equilibrium molecular dynamics with Euclidean objectivity,” Acta Mechanica (2016). doi:10.1007/s00707-016-1735-x; and 3) I. Liu and J. D. Lee. “On material objectivity of intermolecular force in molecular dynamics,” Acta Mechanica (2016). doi:10.1007/s00707-016-1729-8.

Prof. Chunlei Liang (MAE) and four colleagues recently edited a special issue on high-order methods for computational fluid dynamics in Computers & Fluids journal. The special issue includes an editorial and 21 technical articles.

Conferences & Presentations:

Prof. Lance Hoffman (CS and CSPRI) spoke on advanced cybersecurity education programs and certificates at the Cybersecurity Technology Summit of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association on October 11.

On October 14, Prof. Claire Monteleoni (CS) gave an invited talk as a member of the Crop Modelling and Big Data Analytics panel at the Technological Innovations and Agricultural Micro-Insurance workshop. The workshop, held October 13-14 in Washington, DC, was hosted by the International Food Policy Research Institute; the CGIAR Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security; and the CGIAR Program on Policies, Institutions and Markets.

Research Prof. David Nagel (ECE) gave papers at two recent conferences on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR): 1) “Another Approach to Reproducing Reported LENR Excess Heat,” Invited Paper at the Satellite Symposium of ICCF-20, presented September 30 in Xiamen, China; and 2) “Nickel and Light Water Electrolysis Experiments,” presented October 6 at the 20th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, held in Sendai, Japan. Prof. Nagel also was a co-author of four poster papers at the second conference: 1) G P. Roque, J. E. Thompson, A. Mehrabian, and D. J. Nagel. “Electrical Noise Spectroscopy of LENR Electrochemical Cells;” 2) D. J. Nagel, M. A. Imam, R. Rowland, T. F. Zahrah, and H. Taylor. “High Temperature Gas-Phase Nickel-Hydrogen Experiments in Nickel and Stainless Steel Tubes in a Furnace;” 3) V. B. Feltrin and D. J. Nagel. “Production of Clean Water by Using Energy from LENR;” and 4) T. W. Grimshaw and D. J. Nagel. “Responsibilities of U.S. Government Agencies for Support of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.”

On October 3, Prof. Michael Plesniak (MAE) presented an invited talk titled “Secondary Flows in Models of Curved Arteries” at the G.I. Taylor Medal Symposium in honor Prof. Mory Gharib, at the Society of Engineering Science 53rd Annual Technical Meeting.

Prof. Rene van Dorp (EMSE) was an invited speaker at two recent workshops in The Netherlands. On October 11, he presented a talk at a workshop on modeling maritime collision risk at the Safety and Security Institute at Delft University of Technology’s Faculty of Technology Policy and Management. The title of his talk was “What Do Coin Tosses, Decision Making under Uncertainty, The VTRA 2010, and Average Return Time Uncertainty Have in Common? His second talk, “Monitoring Remaining Project Completion Uncertainty, a Bayes Network Approach,” was delivered at the European COST workshop, “Expert Judgment in Project and Asset Management: Practice and Challenges.” The workshop was organized by the Delft University of Technology and TNO (The Netherlands Organization for Applied Research), and was held at the Science Centre Delft.

On October 4, Prof. Poorvi Vora (CS) participated in a panel for the monthly seminar of the Washington Statistical Society. The topic of the panel was “Possible Irregularities in the 2016 Presidential Election.” Prof. Vora spoke about constructive approaches toward election verification, including those proposed by statisticians and cryptographers.

Other News

Prof. Lorena Barba (MAE) has been appointed a member of the editorial board at Computing in Science & Engineering, a flagship magazine and journal co-published by the IEEE Computer Society and the American Institute of Physics.

Other News

The SEAS Environmental and Energy Management Institute and the European Energy Center will offer three remaining professional short courses:

Renewable Energy Management & Finance
Thursday and Friday, October 27-28
Taught by: Michael Ware & Scott Sklar

Environmental Management Beyond Compliance (Implementing an ISO 14001 System)
Monday and Tuesday, November 14-15
Taught by: Joe Cascio

Distributed Generation and Storage
Thursday and Friday, December 8-9
Taught by: Scott Sklar

Circular Economy
Thursday and Friday, March 16-17, 2017
Taught by: Roger Feldman and Ed Pinero

Multi-Aspect Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics
Dates TBA
Taught by: Scott Sklar

SEAS Events

BME Seminar: “Mimicking the Complexity of the Human Body in Vitro”
Speaker: Dr. Mandy Esch, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Monday, October 17
2:00 – 3:00 pm
SEH, B1220

CS Colloquium: “Multi-resolution Matrix Factorization”
Speaker: Dr. Risi Kondor, University of Chicago
Wednesday, October 19
12:30 – 1:30 pm
SEH, B1220

MAE Seminar: “Toward a Low-carbon Future with Automotive Fuel Cells”
Speaker: Dr. Ajay Prasad, University of Delaware
Thursday, October 20
2:00 pm
SEH, B1220

MAE Seminar: “Single Ventricle Palliation with the Assisted Bidirectional Glenn”
Speaker: Dr. Jessica Shang, University of Rochester
Thursday, October 27
2:00 pm
SEH, B1220

MAE Seminar: “Bursting Bubbles and Bilayers”
Speaker: Dr. Steven Wrenn, Drexel University
Thursday, November 17
2:00 pm
SEH, B1220

BME Seminar: “Haptics: The Technology of Touch”
Speaker: Dr. Katherine Kuchenbecker, University of Pennsylvania
Monday, November 28
4:00 – 5:00 pm
SEH, B1220

Career Center & Career-Related Announcements & Events

DreamWorks Info Session & On-Campus Interview 
DreamWorks is scouting for students interested in art/illustration, design, character animation, computer graphics, and media studies jobs and internships. Representatives will be on campus Wednesday, October 26 for an information session and the tech talk “How to Train your Microservice at DreamWorks Animation.” RSVP on GWork for the information session and/or the tech talk.

The Cognitive Computing Odyssey
Cognitive computing unites fields like AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to “think” about data more like a human than a computer. It treats cancer patients, personalizes education, and predicts financial markets. And it's just getting started. This November, students from across the country will gather in one of three cities (San Francisco, Austin, Boston) to explore the technology, future, and jobs of cognitive computing as part of The Cognitive Computing Odyssey. The Cognitive Computing Odyssey is presented by Uncubed and IBM. Travel and lodging will be fully covered for accepted students. Apply and learn more.

Entrepreurship Events

DC I-Corps Veteran Entrepreneur Lean Startup Program
Wednesday, October 26
4:00 – 8:00 pm
SEH, 2000B
DC I-Corps and GW in partnership with the Small Business Administration Office of Veterans Business Development are offering a new program designed to help veteran entrepreneurs maximize the potential for their new business ideas. The program is free to selected participants.

Alumni Founders Panel
Saturday, October 29
4:00 – 5:30 pm
Marvin Center, Room 310
As part of Alumni Weekend, the GW Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship will host a panel discussion of successful alumni startup founders to talk about their journey from idea to market.

100 Mentor Match-Up
Tuesday, November 1
6:00 – 9:00 pm
1957 E Street NW, City View Room
At this event, the GW Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the GW Entrepreneurs Round Table (GWERT) Mentors Program will pair experienced mentors with GW students. Aspiring GW student entrepreneurs (at all experience levels) can connect with other entrepreneurs, business professionals, and industry experts. The event will also feature a keynote address by Andrew Perlman, CEO at FORM Holdings.

Pitch George Competition
Saturday, November 19
8:30 am – 3:00 pm
Duquès Hall 6th Floor
The annual Pitch George Competition is one of the GW’s premier entrepreneurial initiatives organized by the GW Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CFEE). The “elevator pitch” competition takes place each fall semester and allows young entrepreneurs (from high school to GW graduate students) to present their business ideas, get valuable feedback on the viability of their business concepts, and win startup capital.

External Events

Post-Award Grant Management Boot Camp
Monday, October 17
1:00 – 4:30 pm
Marvin Center, Room 310
RSVP by emailing [email protected] with "POSTBC" in the subject line.
This session covers management of sponsored projects/awards including receiving and accepting an award, support services, travel, purchasing equipment and supplies, initiating agreements, research integrity, financial management and reporting, and award closeout.

ASNE Flagship Technical Program: Secrets of a NAVSEA/ONR Naval Engineer
Speaker: Thomas C. Fu, Ph.D., Director, Ship Systems & Engineering Research Division, Office of Naval Research
Wednesday, October 19
5:00 – 6:00 pm (Reception to follow)
SEH, B1220
Register and pay online
Cost: $10 for ASNE/SNAME Members; $15 for ASNE/SNAME Non-members; $5 for Young Professional ASNE/SNAME members; and free for full-time ASNE/SNAME engineering students
In observance of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, the Division of IT is hosting the following events:

Networking & Informational Event: Password Hack Demo
Monday, October 17
10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Marvin Center Lobby

Information Session: Ten Tips to Keep Your Computer and Data Secure
Thursday, October 20
11:00 am – 12:00 pm
VSTC Exploration Hall

Networking & Informational Event: Technical Information Session for IT Teams
Friday, October 28
11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Information Session: National Cyber Security Awareness Month Keystone Event
Monday, October 31
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Jack Morton Auditorium