Michael Keidar

Headshot of Michael Keidar

Michael Keidar

A. James Clark Professor of Engineering

Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Office Phone: (202) 994-6929
SEH 3550 | Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 2:00-3:00pm; By appointment

Professor Michael Keidar's Micropropulsion and Nanotechnology Lab conducts advanced fundamental and applied research in plasma medicine, micropropulsion for micro and nanosatellites, and plasma nanoscience and nanotechnology. Current projects include a cold plasma application for wound healing; cold plasma cancer therapy; the synthesis of single-wall carbon nanotubes with controlled conductivity; the synthesis of graphene with controlled numbers of layers; and the manufacturing of ultracapacitor devices based on nanotubes and graphene, micro-cathode thrusters for nano satellites, and multi-scale plasma simulations.

  • Ph.D., Tel Aviv University, 1997
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Fluid mechanics, thermal science and energy
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Propulsion

Selected Recent Publications

  • M. Keidar, Plasma for Cancer Treatment (TOPICAL REVIEW), Plasma Source Science & Technology, 2015, 24 (2015) 033001.
  • X. Fang, A. Shashurin, G. Teel and M. Keidar, Determining synthesis region of the single-wall carbon nanotubes in arc plasma volume, Carbon, vol. 107, pp. 273-280, 2016.
  • D. Yan, J. Sherman and M. Keidar, Cold Atmospheric Plasma: A Novel Promising Anti-cancer Treatment Modality, Oncotarget, Vol. 8, pp. 15977-15995, 2017.
  • D. Yan, H. Xiao, W. Zhu, N. Nourmohammadi, L. G. Zhang, K. Bian, M. Keidar, The role of aquaporins in the anti-glioblastoma capacity of the cold plasma-stimulated medium", J. Physics D: Applied Physics, 2016, 50, 055401, 2017.
  • I.Schweigert and M. Keidar, Periodical plasma structures controlled by external magnetic field, Plasma Source Science & Technology, 26 (2017) 064001.
  • M. Laroussi, X. Lu, and M. Keidar, Perspective: The Physics, Diagnostics, and Applications of Low-Temperature Plasma Sources Used in Plasma Medicine, Journal of Applied Physics, 122, 020901 (2017).
  • I. Levchenko, K. Bazaka, M. Keidar S. Xu, J. Fang, Hierarchical Multi-Component Inorganic Metamaterials: Intrinsically Driven Self-Assembly at Nanoscale, Advanced Materials, 2018, 30, 1702226
  • M. Keidar, D. Yan, I.I. Beilis, B. Trink and J. Sherman, Plasmas for Treating Cancer: Opportunities for Adaptive and Self-Adaptive Approaches, Trends in Biotechnology, 2017, advanced publication.