May 2-8, 2016


May 2, 2016

Faculty News

Honors & Awards:

As part of her ongoing research efforts to bring women into STEM and retain them, Prof. Shelly Heller (CS) was awarded an $80,000 National Security Agency grant to design and implement a day camp focusing on cyber-security for middle school girls. Through hands-on learning and field trips, the girls will learn about cryptography, personal online security, how computer networks can be compromised, and what careers are open to them in the cyber-security field.

Media Mentions:

USA Today profiled the research of Prof. Chung Hyuk Park (BME) in its April 26 article “ Robot helps social skills for autistic children .”

Conferences & Presentations:

Prof. Mona Zaghloul (ECE) was invited to give a Distinguished Lecture at the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The tile of her April 26 talk was “Nano Structures Sensors for Chemical and Biological Systems.”

Student News

Natalia Clementi and Gilbert Forsyth, both Ph.D. students in Prof. Lorena Barba’s (MAE) group, were quoted in the April 28 Science News article “Who’s downloading pirated papers? Everyone.” The article covers the phenomenon of Sci-Hub. The article was accompanied by an editorial by Science Editor-in-Chief Marcia McNutt titled “My love-hate of Sci-Hub.”

EMSE undergraduate students Christian Yip, Phillip Fiorenzo, Kil Do Jung, Jaime Tupper, and Yaraslau Loban presented their senior design project at an IEEE symposium held April 29 at the University of Virginia. The title of their presentation was “A Network-Based Congestion Model for Safety Service Patrol Vehicle Deployment.” Their adviser is Prof. Joost Santos (EMSE), and their project is funded by the National Science Foundation.

SEAS Events

MAE 2016 Distinguished Lecture: “To frac or not to frac?—How mechanics of quasibrittle hydraulic fracture can sway the answer”
Speaker: Prof. Zdenek Bazant, Northwestern University
Wednesday, May 4
2:00 pm (Reception immediately following the lecture)
SEH, B1220

Workshop: “Science-Based Targets”
Wednesday & Thursday, May 4-5
SEH, Lehman Auditorium
The SEAS Environmental and Energy Management Institute is co-sponsoring this workshop with the Global Environmental Management Initiative. The workshop will provide a forum for corporate sustainability leaders to learn about how to establish science-based targets for greenhouse gas reductions and the steps businesses can take to achieve such targets, including strategies, tools, and partnerships to drive carbon reduction actions across the value chain. EMSE Profs. Joe Cascio and Rachael Jonassen will speak at the event, along with other speakers from 21 major corporations, government agencies, and NGOs.

ECE Seminar: “Integration Challenges for 2D Materials in Nanoelectronics”
Speaker: Dr. Stephen McDonnell, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Virginia
Friday, May 6
12:00 – 1:30 pm
SEH, 2000B

SEAS Senior Projects Showcase and Pelton Award Competition
Thursday, May 12
12:00 – 2:00 pm: Senior Projects Showcase (SEH, First Floor)
3:00 pm: Pelton Award Competition opens to the public (SEH, Lehman Auditorium)

Doctoral Dissertations

Student’s Name: Wei Lei
Dissertation Title: “Truthful Auction Design and Analysis in Heterogeneous Secondary Spectrum Markets”
Advisor: Prof. Xiuzhen Cheng (CS)
Monday, May 9
10:30 am – 12:30 pm
SEH, 4605

Student’s Name: Weimo Liu
Dissertation Title: “Aggregate Estimations Over the Deep Web”
Advisor: Prof. Nan Zhang (CS)
Monday, May 9
1:30 – 2:30 pm
SEH, 2000B

Student’s Name: Jiguo Song
Dissertation Title: “Predictable, System-Level Fault Tolerance in a Component-based RTOS”
Advisor: Prof. Gabriel Parmer (CS)
Wednesday, May 11
2:00 – 4:00 pm
SEH, 2000B

Student’s Name: Bin Zhang
Dissertation Title: “A High-order Computational Framework for Simulating Unsteady Flows on Unstructured Dynamic Grids with Sliding Interfaces”
Advisor: Prof. Chunlei Liang (MAE)
Wednesday, May 25
1:00 – 3:00 pm
SEH, 2000B