June 12-25, 2017

June 12, 2017

Faculty News


Prof. Hyeong-Ah Choi (CS) has been awarded a two-year, $700,000 grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technologies to research public safety networks. She will lead a team of researchers with four other co-PIs, SEAS Prof. Xiuzhen Cheng (CS), GW Prof. Yanxiang Zhao (Math), Prof. Gokhan Sahin (Miami University, formerly a research scientist at GW), and Wei Cheng (VCU, a GW alumnus).

Media Mentions:

Two studies by Prof. David Broniatowski (EMSE) were mentioned in the latest issue of the e-magazine The Communication Initiative. The issue mentions “Effective Vaccine Communication during the Disneyland Measles Outbreak” and “Zika Vaccine Misconceptions.”



The third edition of the book Analysis and Design of Algorithms, written by Prof. Amrinder Arora (CS adjunct faculty), was published recently by Cognella.

Prof. David Broniatowski (EMSE) recently published the following article: D. A. Broniatowski and V. F. Reyna (2017). “A Formal Model of Fuzzy-Trace Theory: Variations on Framing Effects and the Allais Paradox,” Decision.

Prof. Russell Hemley (CEE) has published the following paper: M. Ahart, D. Aihaiti, R. J. Hemley, and S. Kojima. “Pressure Dependence of the Boson Peak of Glassy Glycerol,” Journal of Physical Chemistry.

Prof. Michael Keidar (MAE) has published three articles recently:

  1. I. Schweigert and M. Keidar. “Periodical plasma structures controlled by external magnetic field,” Plasma Source Science & Technology, 26 (2017) 064001;
  2. Z. Chen, H. Simonyan, X. Cheng, E. Gjika, L. Lin, J. Canady, J. H. Sherman, C. Young, and M. Keidar. “Novel micro-cold atmospheric plasma device for glioblastoma both in vitro and in vivo,” Cancers, 2017, 9, 61; and
  3. A. Shashurin, X. Fang, D. Zemlyanov and M. Keidar. “Substrate Independent Approach for Synthesis of Graphene Platelet Networks,” Nanotechnology, 28 (2017) 255604.

Prof. Claire Monteleoni (CS) has published the following article: R. L. Glicksman, D. L. Markell, and C. Monteleoni. “Technological Innovation, Data Analytics, and Environmental Enforcement,” Ecology Law Quarterly, vol. 44, issue 1. The article looks at how to use big data analytics for environmental enforcement.

Conferences & Presentations:

Prof. Lorena Barba (MAE) gave a keynote presentation at the International Conference on Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics, held May 17 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The talk was titled “Just Do It: Reproducible Research in CFD.” (Slides)

Prof. Russell Hemley (CEE) gave a talk at the Army Research Laboratory as part of its Army RDECOM Seminar Distinguished Visitor Lecture Series. His talk, delivered May 31, was titled “New Materials and Phenomena at Extreme Conditions.” 


Student News

Doctoral candidate Mahdis Bisheban, who is advised by Prof. Taeyoung Lee (MAE), presented the paper “Computational Geometric System Identification for the Attitude Dynamics on SO(3)” at the 2017 American Control Conference, held May 24–26 in Seattle, WA. She was also among 16 women in aerospace engineering from industry and academic institutions across the country who presented their research at the 2017 CU Boulder-MIT-Stanford Women in Aerospace Symposium. The symposium was hosted May 31 – June 1 by CU-Boulder’s Ann and H.J. Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences. The title of her presentation was “Computational Geometric Identification for the Quadrotor Dynamics in Wind Fields.”

SEAS Events

2017 Transportation YOU DC Summit
Saturday, June 24
10:30 am – 3:30 pm
SEH, Lehman Auditorium
CEE is hosting the 2017 annual Transportation YOU DC Summit of the Women’s Transportation Seminar. This is a unique program for 26 outstanding young women and their mentors from around the country to gain exposure to various transportation-related careers and to introduce them to potential paths for their future. The event includes a tour of the Mobile Robotics and the Traffic and Networks Labs on the 6th floor of the SEH. Graduate and undergraduate CEE students working under Prof. Hamdar will explain their research.

Traffic and Granular Flow Conference (TGF17)
Wednesday – Saturday, July 19-22
TGF17 will be hosted at GW and chaired by Prof. Samer Hamdar (CEE). All details of the conference can be found on the conference website.