GW team places 6th in worldwide AIAA Design-Build-Fly competition

May 25, 2021

Image of AIAA 2021 Design-Build-Fly Competition Team

Congratulations to GW’s AIAA Design-Build-Fly team for placing 6th worldwide in the 2021 Design-Build-Fly Competition! The field of competition in the 2021 contest included 92 teams. 

The 15-member GW team—which comprised students from MAE, EMSE, CS, and ECE—worked in subgroups to tackle aerodynamics, structural analysis, payload design, propulsion, controls, requirements analysis, and flight data recording. During Fall 2020, the team worked on conceptual design, preliminary design, and modeling and simulation, and in Spring 2021 they completed the detailed design, manufacturing, and flight tests.

The team received, and is very grateful for, support from external advisors and sponsors, including current and former Navy personnel, Aurora Flight Sciences, and Northern Virginia Radio Control. This year's team videos are available online.

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