GW Engineering is a Stand Out in the 2023 Faculty Honors Ceremony

May 1, 2023

Faculty Honors Ceremony

Through granting a variety of university-wide awards, the annual Faculty Honors Ceremony recognizes a diverse group of talented GW faculty and graduate assistants who have shown extraordinary dedication to teaching, research, and the university. Through our faculty and graduate assistants, GW is educating students to be engaged citizens and leaders in their fields.

At GW Engineering, we have world-class faculty and graduate assistants who are dedicated to educating our students to be the leaders of tomorrow, to creating knowledge and innovating technologies that contribute to solving society’s grand challenges, and to serving our local and global communities to make our university – and our world – a better place. Five of them were selected to receive awards at the 2023 Faculty Honors Ceremony:

These GW Engineering community members will receive their awards at the 13th Annual Faculty Honors Ceremony on Thursday, May 4, 2023, from 4-5pm in the Jack Morton Auditorium. This is the Inventor of the Year Award’s inaugural year, so Professor Keidar will be the first recipient of this award presented to a regular, full-time faculty member who has had an outstanding impact on society through invention and commercialization activities. Additionally, Professor Shittu and Professor Adam will be inducted into the GW Academy of Distinguished Teachers alongside past recipients of the Trachtenberg Prize for Excellence in Teaching and the Bender Teaching Award.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination. Congratulations to our outstanding faculty members and graduate assistants who do so much for our university, our school, our students, and our world – day by day, year after year.