Go Forth and Create Limitless Futures

January 26, 2023

Dean Lach giving opening remarks.

The last few years have fundamentally changed the ways that people think about life, community and prosperity. The SEAS Environmental and Energy Management Institute (EEMI) hosted the “City of the Future” conference from January 24-26 to bring together some of the most prominent voices in cities, utilities, business, and activism, to the nation’s capital for three days of discussions to determine how cities can modernize to foster these attributes.

To kick off the conference, Dean Lach provided opening remarks. “Environmental impact, aging population, etc. will lead to significant disruptions that require new thinking. We are here seeking solutions to this myriad of challenges,” Dean Lach stated, “Realizing a city of the future is a challenge, but it is also an opportunity for us to improve the quality of life for all residents to create a more sustainable and livable future. Let’s dive in and explore the many ways we can make this happen.”

The various sessions touched on how to engage communities, evolving customer and workforce needs, electrification and the path to net zero, and much more! All sessions kept equity management in consideration as each speaker and panelist agreed that we must make these advancements for all people. For example, panelist Janie Gonzalez said, “We don’t always consider who we’re serving and it’s often industry who doesn’t care about the end results. I always approach it from a social impact then apply the technology.”

Attendees were able to take part in these conversations as well about what cities of the future should be and look like. They left with one mission, go forth and create limitless futures!