Getting to Know Monica Kavathekar ‘20

August 7, 2020

Photo of Monica Kavathekar

Monica Kavathekar ‘20 has taken her expertise in computer science to New York City, where she now serves as a software engineer for Disney Plus. “I liked how SEAS could provide me with a smaller community inside of the larger school at GW, and I enjoyed being a part of the small community within the CS [computer science] department,” she says, looking back at her time on campus.

On campus, Kavathekar participated in engineering sorority Alpha Omega Epsilon, serving in various chair positions. “AOmegaE gave me a great group of female friends throughout my time at GW and I am so grateful I joined,” she says. “I also am connected with several older alumni that I can always rely on for advice!” Kavathekar also co-founded Atoms to Astronauts with her first-year roommate, Caitlin Carfano.  Through Atoms to Astronauts she and other volunteers introduced local elementary school students to STEM. Additionally, she served as the event coordinator of GW’s chapter of CHAARG, a health and fitness community. 

“SEAS, especially the CS department, taught me a lot about collaborative work,” Kavathekar reflects. “I learned to work on several different projects with different teams, which has prepared me to do well in my current job.” She adds, “I'm also so glad to still have a support system with some of my GW CS classmates. We are all able to discuss different challenges and successes as we start our careers and offer each other support and encouragement.”