Festival of Animation

Fri, 8 December, 2023 4:00pm - 6:00pm

The Festival of Animation is a showcase of computer graphics, animations, games, multimedia, HCI, AR and VR projects. The "Festival" has been going on every year since 1990. The applicable courses include CSCI 4551, 4552, 4553, 4554, 4455, 6554, 6555, 6561, 6562, and 3907/6907. 

Spring 2023 Festival of Animation will take place on B1 level of SEH on May 5  at 5:00 PM. Drop by and enjoy pizza and drinks!

More information can be found on the Institute for Computer Graphics website.

Science & Engineering Hall 800 22nd Street, NW Washington DC 20052
Room: B1270

Open to everyone.

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