Dr. Broniatoski is Awarded NIST Grant for Study on AI Systems

February 3, 2023

Dr. David Broniatwoski

In collaboration with the Laboratory for Rational Decision Making at Cornell University, Dr. David Broniatowski, Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering and Associate Director of the Institute for Data, Democracy, and Politics (IDDP), and his team are developing novel measures for interpretability and explainability of AI systems that are designed to make recommendations about antibiotic prescribing.

This study is being conducted utilizing a grant Broniatowski was awarded in September 2022 from the NIST Measurement Science & Engineering Program. They are using NIST funds to support development of measures of interpretability and explainability, based on human subject experiments. If successful, this research will promote trustworthy artificial intelligence by demonstrating a standard approach that may be used to assess whether algorithms are being interpreted as intended as well as whether explanations of these algorithms promote this interpretability and trust.

“We are thrilled to be working with NIST on this important project, which builds upon years of our prior work studying rationales for antibiotic prescribing,” Professor Broniatowski stated.