Cyber@GW: Cybersecurity & Privacy at GW Research and Education Day

February 1, 2023

On December 13th, SEAS hosted the inaugural Cybersecurity&Privacy@GW Research and Education Day -- a day long, GW-wide workshop on cybersecurity and privacy research, education, and policy.

The event brought together a pan-GW community, who are often siloed and distant from each other, to discuss the various cybersecurity and privacy efforts currently ongoing throughout the university. Over 30 faculty and students from across the university participated. The agenda included presentations and poster sessions to share what is being done at GW in the general area of cybersecurity and privacy, and roundtable discussions explored synergies and collaborative opportunities.

One of the main outcomes from the workshop includes a vision for a Cyber@GW initiative to develop and support distinctive and distinguished programs in cybersecurity and privacy. There was a strong consensus that such an initiative could turn GW into a national powerhouse in cybersecurity and privacy that attracts students, faculty, corporate and government partners, and large-scale research funding.

GW is primed to be a national and regional leader in cybersecurity and privacy due to its diverse and distinctive programs spanning multiple schools and colleges and its unique location in the nation's capital that provides access to and partnerships with government, technology firms, and defense industries.

Centralized coordination from GW with strong incentives for collaboration in both education and research across schools, programs, and departments will provide an input framework to launch Cyber@GW into a national and regional powerhouse that can attract research funding, corporate and government partnerships, new faculty, and a broad cohort of students that are interested in the distinctive and diverse cybersecurity and privacy programs available here at GW.

If you were unable to attend the workshop but would like to get involved in Cyber@GW, please submit this interest form or email Costis Toregas at [email protected]