Broniatowski Explains the Concerns Surrounding AI

March 1, 2023

Dr. David Broniatwoski

Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Associate Professor and Institute for Data, Democracy, and Politics (IDDP) Associate Director, David Broniatowski, was featured in an article by Spectrum News that reviewed Rep. Ted Lieu's, D-Calif., resolution, written by ChatGPT itself, asking Congress to develop and deploy artificial intelligence (AI) safely and ethically. In the article "Lieu's ChatGPT resolution seeks better understanding of AI," Broniatowski uses his decades of experience studying AI to explain the concerns surrounding AI and why trying to understand it is vital.

Here is an excerpt from the article: “Treat it like a very, very sophisticated knife. You can use a knife to help cook your dinner, you can use a knife to hurt someone,” he said. “There are people out there who will use [AI] to cause harm. We’ve seen that in terms of things like the employment of armies of bots, to engage in online harassment or to engage in attempts to manipulate political outcomes,” Broniatwoski said.

Read the full article on Spectrum News.