August 8 - 22, 2011


August 22, 2011

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Faculty News


Prof. Guru Venkataramani (ECE) and Prof. Gabriel Parmer (CS) were jointly awarded a one-year NSF grant of nearly $140,000 for their research project, titled "Software and Hardware Integration with Feedback and Transparency for Many-Core Computing." The research explores hardware-software cooperative mechanisms to address the challenges of manycore computing. Their graduate students, Jie Chen and Qi Wang, will also participate in this project.

Books & Papers:

Prof. Michael Keidar (MAE) has had the following paper published: A. Shashurin, J. Li, T. Zhuang, M. Keidar and I.I. Beilis, "Application of electrostatic Langmuir probe to atmospheric arc plasmas producing nanostructures," Physics of Plasmas, 18, 073505 (2011).

Prof. Vesna Zderic (ECE) and her doctoral student, Shutao Wang, recently published the following article: Wang S, Frenkel V, Zderic V., "Optimization of Pulsed Focused Ultrasound Exposures for Hyperthermia Applications," in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2011; 130:599-609.

Conferences & Presentations:

Several SEAS faculty, along with their post-doctoral scholars and students, presented papers at the 11th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics, July 25-29, in Minneapolis, MN:

Profs. James Lee and Ken Chong (both of MAE) organized a mini-symposium, "Mechanics of Materials from Nano to Macro Scale," at the Congress, and Prof. Lee co-authored the following presentations with his colleagues and his students: 1) James Chen, James Lee, and Chunlei Liang, " Micropolar Electromagnetic Fluids;" 2) Jiaoyan Li, James Lee, and Ken Chong, "Mechanics of Composite Material Reinforced by Stochastically-dispersed Particles;"and 3) James Lee, Xianqiao Wang, James Chen, and Jiaoyan Li, "Non-equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Thermal-Mechanical-Electromagnetic Coupling Phenomena."

Prof. Chunlei Liang (MAE) presented "Spectral Difference Solution of Unsteady Compressible Micropolar Equations on Dynamic Grids," by James Chen, Chunlei Liang, and James D. Lee (MAE).

Assistant Research Professor Xianqiao Wang (MAE) presented the paper: Xianqiao Wang and James Lee, "Heat Wave at Nano Scale by Molecular Dynamics Simulation." He also chaired two sessions in the mini-symposium "Mechanics of Materials from Nano to Macro Scales" at the conference.

Dr. Byron Erath, a post-doctoral scholar in MAE working with Prof. Michael Plesniak (MAE chair), presented their paper, "Multi-Physics Modeling of the Impact of Asymmetric Intraglottal Flows on Normal and Pathological Speech."

Dr. Kartik Bulusu, also a post-doctoral scholar working with Prof. Plesniak, presented a paper they co-authored with master's student Autumn Glenn. The paper is titled "Multi-Scale Secondary Flow Morphologies in Curved Arterial Models."

Prof. Michael Keidar (MAE) recently participated in the 20th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, July 25-28 in Philadelphia, PA (where he also chaired a special session on plasma medicine); and the 47th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit, July 31 - August 3, in San Diego CA (where he chaired a session on micropropulsion and participated in the technical committee on electric propulsion).

At the International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, he and/or his students presented the following papers: 1) A.Shashurin, J. Li, T. Zhuang, M. Keidar and I.I. Beilis, "Application of electrostatic probes for conditions of nanostructure producing anodic arc." 2) J. Li, A. Shashurin, M. Keidar, "Magnetic control and characterization of carbon nanostructures in anodic arc." 3) O. Volotskova, M.A. Stepp, M. Keidar, "Plasma controlled cell migration."

At the AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, he and/or his students also presented papers: 1) P. Vail, A. Pancotti, T. Zhuang, A. Shashurin, M. Keidar, "Performance Characterization of micro-cathode arc thruster." 2) T. Zhuang, A. Shashurin, G. Teel, D. Chiu, M. Keidar, "Co-axial Micro-Cathode Arc thruster (CA-mCAT) Performance Characterization." 3) Lubos Brieda, Shaunak Pai, Yitzy Dachman, and Michael Keidar, "Wall Interaction in Hall thrusters with Magnetic Lens Configuration."

Prof. James Lee (MAE) attended the 13th International Conference on Mesomechanics, July 6-8 in Vicenza, Italy, where he co-authored the following presentations: 1) James D. Lee, Xianqiao Wang, James Chen, and Jiaoyan Li, "Interatomic Potential: the Constitutive Equations at Nanoscale"; 2) Keke Tang, Zhaoxia Li, Xianqiao Wang, and James Lee, "Numerical simulation of the defected beam based on a multiple-time-scale algorithm."

Other News

The Cyber Security Policy and Research Institute (CSPRI) has received a nine-month, $75,000 extension to their existing sub-agreement with Prince George's Community College to provide management support services to CyberWatch, a network of more than 60 two- and four-year institutions whose aim is to increase the quantity and quality of the cybersecurity workforce of the nation. The project co-PIs are Profs. Shelly Heller and Costis Toregas (both of CS), and the tasks in this extension include support of a Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition and the exploration of a possible National Cyber League that would provide continuous opportunities for cyber learning using a weekly "football league" model. Another task is to provide general management services for the entire network, as well as liaison services to private industry interested in forging partnerships with academic institutions in cyber security. For more information, contact Prof. Toregas at [email protected].

SEAS Events

CEE: Environmental Engineering Workshop
Wednesday, August 10
10:30 am - 3:30 pm
640 Phillips Hall
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MAE Seminar: "Recent Developments in the Viscous Flux Formulations for the High Order Spectral Volume Navier Stokes Solver"
Ravi Kannan, Research Engineer, CFD Research Corporation
Monday, September 12
2:00 pm
736 Phillips Hall
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MAE Seminar: "Intelligent Continuum Surgical Slaves"
Nabil Simaan, Vanderbilt University
Monday, September 26
2:00 pm
736 Phillips Hall
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MAE Seminar: "A Kalman/Particle Filter-Based Position and Orientation Estimation Method Using a Position Sensor/Inertial Measurement Unit Hybrid System"
William Melek, University of Waterloo (Canada)
Thursday, October 27
2:00 pm
736 Phillips Hall
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