August 13-26, 2018


August 13, 2018

Faculty News
Dr. Emilia Entcheva (BME) has received a $2 million National Science Foundation EFRI (Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation) grant for the project “EFRI CEE: Human cardiac opto-epigenetics with HDAC inhibitors.” NSF gives only about a dozen of these very competitive EFRI grants per year. The project, which will run through July 2022, is a collaborative effort between BME, the GW Cancer Center, Harvard/Mass General, and Georgia Tech. Dr. Entcheva is the principal investigator. Co-investigators include Dr. Zhenyu Li (BME), Dr. Alejandro Villagra (GW Cancer Center), Dr. Ralph Mazitschek (Harvard/Mass General), and Shu Jia (Georgia Tech).


Dr. Michael Keidar (MAE) has received a two-year, $109,394 grant from Vector Space Systems for his project “Micro-Propulsion Systems Development at the George Washington University.” The purpose of this project is to develop high-thrust to power micropropulsion devices. The project involves basic research to understand the critical limitations of current state-of the art in this area and to develop a laboratory model.


Dr. Volker Sorger (ECE) has been awarded an SBIR Phase II grant award titled “Toward Ultra-Dense Integrated Plasmonic Circuits.” Dr. Sorger is working under the lead of Omega Optics Inc. on this project, which is sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. GW’s portion of the grant is $210,000. Dr. Sorger’s project explores nanophotonic building blocks co-integrated onto a silicon photonic chip to perform RF-to-optical signal processing in the context of cognitive radio. As such, it aims to develop an ultra-wideband classification system that combines the inherent wide-band nature of photonics.


Dr. Timothy Wood (CS) is the principal investigator for a one-year, $377,000 National Science Foundation grant to support work on the project “Mobile Elastic Edge Clouds for Scalable, Low-Latency Services.” The project is a collaborative effort with researchers at University of California Riverside and University of Massachusetts Amherst. The team will focus on the network and cloud infrastructures needed to support emerging mobile applications like augmented reality. GW's share of the project’s funding is $145,000.


Dr. Michael Keidar (MAE) has published an invited paper that describes innovations in plasma cancer therapy: M. Keidar. “A prospectus on innovations in the plasma treatment of cancer,” Physics of Plasmas, Volume 25, Issue 8 (2018).


Dr. Martha Pardavi-Horvath (professor emerita, ECE) and her co-authors recently published the following article on microwave properties of magnetic garnets: D. V. Perov, A. B. Rinkevich, E. A. Kuznetsov, and M. Pardavi-Horvath. “ Large variations of microwave transmission and reflection from a plate of yttrium-iron garnet,” Materials Research Express, Volume 5, Number 7.


Conferences & Presentations:
On August 3, Dr. Shelly Heller (CS) presented the talk “Reach to Teach” at the Community College Cyber Summit (3CS) in Portland, OR. The talk reported on her U.S. Department of Defense grant to create and provide online education for cyber-professionals who are interested in adjunct positions at community colleges. The courses are now in alpha testing.


Dr. Suresh Subramaniam (ECE) completed an IEEE Distinguished Lecture Tour of India in which he delivered lectures organized by IEEE chapters of Calcutta, Hyderabad, Kerala, and Bangalore during the week of July 23. In addition, he gave invited lectures at the Summer School on Optics and Photonics, held at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The topic of his lectures was data center networking. Separately, Dr. Subramaniam presented an invited paper authored by his students and colleagues at the International Conference on Computer Communication Networks. The conference was held July 30 – August 2 in Hangzhou, China. The paper citation is: B. Lu, S. S. Dayupule, F. Yao. J. Wu, G. Venkataramani, and S. Subramaniam. “PopCorns: Power optimization using a cooperative network-server approach for data centers.”


Other News:
This summer Dr. Russell Hemley (CEE) led the 59th summer session of JASON, a group of independent academic scientists and engineers who advise the U.S. government on a broad range of technical issues. The session formally took place from June 11 to August 10. This was Dr. Hemley's fourth year as chair of the organization.


Other News
The World Bank has launched a competition for university and college students to submit examples of governments, cities, firms, individuals, or any other actor taking advantage of opportunities created by technology and “the future of work”. The World Bank is accepting entries until August 31. Please visit the World Development Report 2019 competition webpage for more information. (Provided by CS lecturer Dr. Hurriyet Ok)


Recent MAE graduate Helena Salvi was featured in the July 31 GW Today article “Recent SEAS Graduate Looks to Nature for Problem Solving.”


SEAS Events
Special SEAS Event: “Live from the International Space Station: Q&A with NASA Astronaut & SEAS Alumna Serena Auñón-Chancellor”
Tuesday, September 18
11:00 am – 2:00 pm (exact time to be announced)
New location: Jack Morton Auditorium (GW Media and Public Affairs Building)
Registration required
Are you curious about the experience of living in space, or what experiments NASA astronauts are working on—or something else related to the International Space Station (ISS) or being an astronaut? If so, this is your opportunity to listen to a NASA astronaut currently aboard the ISS, as she answers our questions. SEAS will host a 20-minute NASA downlink from the ISS, during which we get to pose questions of astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor (SEAS ’97). If you want to submit a question for Dr. Auñón-Chancellor, please visit the registration page to do so.


Immediately after the downlink, former NASA astronaut Charles Camarda (SEAS ‘80) will be present in the Jack Morton Auditorium for a discussion on the challenges of deep space exploration and a question-and-answer session. A reception will follow. Note: NASA has slated a three-hour window (11:00 am – 2:00 pm) for the downlink; on September 7, they will update SEAS with the actual 20-minute timeslot for the downlink. This event is open to the entire GW community. Space in the auditorium is limited, so register early.


CVP Speaker’s Series Event: “Navigating Your Career”
Tuesday, September 25
4:00 – 6:00 pm
SEH, B1270
Register (Register on Handshake)
SEAS Career Services has joined forces with CVP, a business and technology consulting company, to host this timely panel. Anirudh Kulkarni, the CEO and founder of CVP and a double alumnus of GW, will moderate the panel. Joining him will be four guests from different “walks of life” who will present diverse points of view and career insights. Come listen, learn, and ask questions. This event is open to all GW students.


Entrepreneurship News & Events
GW’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIE) is looking for Entrepreneurial Fellows to work with its office during the upcoming academic year. The position is open to both FWS and non-FWS students. Interested students may find more information on the OIE website and may apply for the positions via Handshake.