May 27 - June 9, 2013


May 27, 2013

Faculty News

Prof. Zoe Szajnfarber (EMSE) has received a two-year $187,031 NSF grant titled “EAGER: Exploring Organizational Configuration as a Design Lever.” The project will use process tracing methods to compare the evolution of functionally similar technologies, developed under different organizations’ configurations in Europe and the US. The goal is to explain how the choice of teaming structures and organizational boundaries influences the locus of innovation.

Media Mentions:
Prof. Joseph Barbera (EMSE) was quoted in the May 10 Wall Street Journal article, “Rescued But Medically Still at Risk.”

Prof. Tianshu Li’s (CEE) article “Ice nucleation at the nanoscale probes no man’s land of water” was published by Nature Communications on May 21.  GW distributed a press release on the article, which was picked up the same day by ScienceDaily.

Working in collaboration with Prof. Selcuk Akturk from Istanbul Technical University, Prof. Ergun Simsek (ECE) has published the following paper: R. Sahin, Y. Morova, E. Simsek, S. Akturk. "Bessel-Beam-Written Nanoslit Arrays and Characterization of their Optical Response," Applied Physics Letters, vol, 102, no. 19, pp. 193106-4, May 2013.

Conferences & Presentations:
Profs. Edward Della Torre and Lawrence Bennett and doctoral student Hatem ElBidweihy, all of GW’s Institute for Magnetics Research, attended the 9th International Symposium on Hysteresis Modeling and Micromagnetics (HMM 2013), held May 13-15 in Taormina, Italy.  There they gave four oral presentations and two poster presentations.

From May 8-11, Prof. Matthew Kay (ECE) and his students attended the 34th Annual Scientific Sessions of the Heart Rhythm Society in Denver, CO.  This is the premier conference for clinical care and basic research in cardiac arrhythmias.  The peer-reviewed abstract acceptance rate is less than 40%. Prof. Kay and his team presented six abstracts:

1. Wengrowski AM, Jaimes R, III, Wang X, Mendelowitz D, Kay MW. “Changes in Cardiac Function Upon Light-Activated Release of Norepinephrine from Sympathetic Neurons Expressing Channelrhodopsin.”

2. Wengrowski AM, Jaimes R, III, Kuzmiak S, Kay MW. “Effect of Myocardial Workload and Oxygen Supply on the Dynamics of NADH Fluorescence.”

3. Mercader MA, Swift LM, Jaimes R, III, Armstrong KC, Ransburry T, Amirana O, Sarvazyan NA, Kay MW. “Real-time NADH Fluorescence Imaging Catheter (LuxCath): A Novel Imaging System for Evaluation of Radiofrequency Ablation Lesions and Gaps.”

4. Azam MA, Jaimes R, III, Kuzmiak S, Massé S, Wagg CS, Kusha M, Lai PFH, Asta J, Kay MW, Lopaschuk GD, Nanthakumar K. “Mapping Modulation of Mitochondrial Redox State Following Ventricular Fibrillation Resuscitation Using Optical Tools.”

5. Kuzmiak S, Jaimes R, III, Swift LM, Kay MW. “Sustained Perfusion Boundaries Are Necessary For Arrhythmias During Ischemia/reperfusion In Contracting Hearts.”

6. Jaimes R, III, Kuzmiak S, Serafino N, Azam MA, Nanthakumar K, Kay MW. “Dichloroacetate Increases Mitochondrial NADH Concentration in Excised Contracting Hearts When O2 and ATP Are Non-Limiting.”

Presenting authors from SEAS included: post-doctoral scientist Sarah Kuzmiak and doctoral students Anastasia Wengrowski and Rafael Jaimes, III, all of whom work with Prof. Kay.  Marco Mercader, MD, a GW cardiologist and collaborator with Prof. Kay, was also a presenting author, as was Mohammed Azam, a postdoctoral scientist from the University of Toronto who collaborates with Prof. Kay.

Prof. Murray Snyder (MAE) presented the following peer-reviewed paper at the American Helicopter Society Forum 69, held May 21-23 in Phoenix, AZ:  Nicholas R. LaSalle, Murray R. Snyder and Hyung S. Kang. "Passive Flow Control for Ship Air Wakes."

Prof. Hoeteck Wee (CS) had two papers accepted to Eurocrypt 2013, held May 26-30 in Athens, Greece.  The two papers are: “Leakage-Resilient Cryptography from Minimal Assumptions,” co-authored with Carmit Hazay, Adriana Lopez-Alt, and Daniel Wichs; and “Multi-Party Computation of Polynomials and Branching Programs without Simultaneous Interaction,” co-authored with Dov Gordon, Tal Malkin, and Mike Rosulek.  These papers, respectively, address the two goals in Prof. Wee’s NSF CAREER award: 1) to develop cryptosystems from large classes of intractability assumptions; and 2) to obtain new techniques and efficient protocols secure against coordinated attacks on the Internet.  Eurocrypt is one of the top two crypto conferences.

Student News

SEAS congratulates the student winners of the 2013 Pelton Award for Outstanding Senior Project:

1st Place:
Michelle Cano (CS)
Project Title: Text for All Ages: Mobile Adult Literacy

2nd Place:
Asmae M'nebhi, Christopher O'Brien, Damon McCullough, Scott Baker, Caroline Litchfield, Jiaxuan Shang, Benjamin Miller, Joshua Rooks, John Gearheart,  and Loreto Pantano (ECE)
Project Title: Solar Decathlon House

3rd Place:
Derek Najdzin and Alisa Tulio (MAE)
Project Title: Investigating the effects of leading and trailing edge devices on the propulsive efficiency and aerodynamic characteristics of varying camber hydrofoils

MAE undergraduate Benjamin Kirschmeier has been selected as an Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation Neil Armstrong Memorial Undergraduate Scholar for 2013-2014.  Benjamin received the $5,000 scholarship from the Metropolitan Washington Chapter of ARCS.  He is one of six undergraduates from the following universities to receive the award for 2013-2014: University of Virginia, Georgetown University, University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, and GW.

Other News

Staff in the Office of Graduate Admissions recently completed the following activities: 1) Lorena Shank participated in the Institute for International Education’s six-city STEM recruitment tour to Mexico and Brazil in mid-May; and 2) Adina Lav traveled to Stuttgart University in mid-May to renew the existing MOU with SEAS and expand the relationship.

Dissertation Defenses

Student Name: Mingyang Zhang
Title: "Data Analytics Over a Search Engine's Corpus and Aggregate Suppression"
Advisor: Professor Nan Zhang (CS)
Tuesday, June 4
2:30 - 5:00 pm
736 Phillips Hall