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Fall 2021 Research Events

WOW Talk Series

EEMI Webinar: “From Vikings to Wind Turbines, Denmark’s Journey Toward Sustainability”


Spring 2021 Research Events

ECE Seminar: Bragg Reflector Waveguides in Heterogeneous Integrated Next Generation Links


BME Seminar: “Graduate Education's Role in Preparing Engineering Ph.D. Students for Careers in Academia and Industry”

Environmental and Energy Management Institute Webinar: “Strategies for System Change and Tackling Wicked Problems”

Environmental and Energy Management Institute Webinar: “Steering Societies Beyond GDP to the SDGs: Sixty Minutes with Hazel Henderson and Green Bank Founder Ken LaRoe”

Environmental and Energy Management Institute Webinar: “Sixty Minutes with Europe's top Climate Action Official, Mauro Petriccione”

BME Seminar: “Human iPSC-based Microphysiological Systems for Disease Modeling, Drug Screening and Space Biology”


MAE Seminar: “Owls’ Aerodynamics During Flapping Flight”

BME Seminar: “High-density EEG, Robotic Lower Limb Exoskeletons, and Bionic Prostheses”


GW Research Showcase

GW Digital Health Summit

MAE Seminar: “Stochastic Systems in Riemannian Manifolds Made Simple”

ECE Seminar: “Stochastic Linear Contextual Bandits with Diverse Contexts”

Fall 2020 Research Events

BME Seminar: Materials-enabled Neurotechnologies for Brain Research

BME Seminar: New Approaches For Imaging Cardiac Activity In-Vitro and Ex-Vivo

WoWTalk ("What's Our Work") Seminar Series

ECE Seminar: “A Unified Information Theoretic Framework for Machine Learning”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Optimizing Information Freshness in Wireless Networks: From Theory to Practice”

Frank Howard Distinguished Lecture: “Navigating the New Normal”

CSPRI Webinar: “Adversarial Machine Learning and Wireless Security for 5G and Beyond”

BME Seminar: Flexible, Hybrid Opto-Electro-Chemo Implants for Neural Interfaces

Spring 2020 Research Events

BME Seminar: “Physical Biology at the Semiconductor-enabled Bio-interfaces”

BME Seminar: “Designing Robots for Human Interaction”

CSPRI Talk: “Leveraging the Cloud to Automate Threat Detection, Hunting and Mitigation Using Frameworks Like the NIST CSF and MITRE ATT&CK” Speaker: Darren House, WWPS Specialty SA – Security, Amazon

MAE Seminar: “Towards Building a Robust Computational Framework and Software Engineering Process for Simulations of Multiphysics and Multiscale Problems”

CS Lecture: “Using Virtual Reality to Visualize Disasters, Climate, and Extreme Weather Impacts”

GW AIAA: “A Panel Discussion on Climate Change: Engineering and Policy Issues”

MAE Seminar: “Recent Advances in Microgravity Fluid Mechanics with Application to Rocket Propulsion and Space Exploration”

CSPRI Talk (webinar): “DoD’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and The Risk Management Framework (RMF) in Support of Government Agencies”

GW Research Showcase

CS Lecture: “Credit Card Fraud: Fighting the Bad Guys with Data”

CSPRI Webinar: “Case Study of World's largest Cyber-Heist at Central Bank of Bangladesh”

EMSE Environmental and Energy Management Institute Webinar: “Impact of COVID-19 on Energy Economics and Sustainability”

EEMI Webinar: “Leadership in Our Time”

Fall 2019 Research Events

CS Research Talk: Helping Users to Authenticate Securely

ECE Talk: “Phase Transition for Nanophotonics”

ECE Talk: “Variation of GPU Power in Supercomputing Systems”

CEE Seminar: “North American Natural Gas: Market Evolution and Life Cycle Emissions Implications for the Global Power Sector”

EEMI: Department of Energy Clean Energy Talk

ECE Seminar: “One- and Two-Level Equilibrium Models in Energy”

SEH WoW Talk

BME Seminar: “Professional Opportunities in the Regulation of Diabetes Devices at FDA”

Panel Discussion: “Science Unscripted: Origins of the Internet”

SEAS Student R&D Showcase

BME Seminar: “Bubbles and Sound for Diagnostic Imaging, Therapeutics and Tissue Engineering: Pressure Dependent Subharmonic to Collapsing Jet and Acoustic Streaming”

4th Annual BME Day: “Innovation in Biomedical Engineering”

CS Colloquium: “BurScale: Using Burstable Instances for Cost-Effective Autoscaling in the Public Cloud”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Advanced 5G and SATCOM Phased-Arrays and UaV-Detection Radars Using Low-Cost Silicon Technologies: The End of the Marconi Era Is Near”

ECE Seminar: “Optimizing Storage on the Edge”

ECE Talk: “Optimization and Codesign of Power Electronics Converters”

Spring 2019 Research Events

BME Seminar: “Single Molecule Studies of Cell Membrane Remodeling: Implications for Cancer Metastasis”

CS Lecture: “Blockchain Computing: A New Era of Challenges and Opportunities”

CS Lecture: “Blockchain and Smart Contracts: The Concept, Architecture, Services, and Applications”

ECE Distinguished Lecture: “Processing Data Where It Makes Sense in Modern Computing Systems: Enabling In-Memory Computation”

CS Colloquium: "Human Factors in Mobile Authentication"

ECE Seminar: “Nonconvex Approaches for Data Science"

MAE Seminar: “Unraveling the Impact of Fluid-Structure Interactions on Hypersonic Flight”

CS Colloquium: "Trust and Accountability in Computer Systems"

MAE Seminar: "Quantifying roughness effects on frictional drag"

CS Colloquium: "Workflow-Centric Tracing and Automated Diagnosis Tools for the Cloud Ecosystem"

MAE Seminar: "Benchmark Experiments for CFD Modeling and Validation"

CS Colloquium: “Automated IoT Safety and Security Analysis”

CS Internet Distinguished Speaker Series: “Vint Cerf: The Unfinished Internet”

SEH WoW (What’s Our Work) Seminar Series

CS Lecture: “Credit Card Fraud: Fighting the Bad Guys with Data”

ECE Research Blitz

EMSE Seminar: “Visualizing Information”

CS Lecture: “The Basics of Recursive Programming”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Optimizing Device Placement in Machine Learning Workloads using Deep Reinforcement Learning”

BME Seminar: “Memristors for next generation neuromorphic computing applications”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “A Personal Review of Real-Time Computing"