Fall 2020-Spring 2021 Pass/No Pass Request for Undergraduate Students

The following are the guidelines for you to consider as you evaluate whether to take a course as pass/no pass.  

  • All SEAS undergraduate students will have the option to take one course as pass/no pass course in the fall 2020 semester and one course as pass/no pass course in the spring 2021 semester.  
  • Receiving a letter grade could impact students considering medical school, dental school, law school, graduate school, veteran’s benefits, or other career opportunities so please speak to the appropriate offices when you are evaluating what course to take as pass/no pass. 
  • If you are on probation or are not currently achieving Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), not receiving grades can impact your financial aid standing so you should consult with your professional advisor and financial aid before making this decision.
  • Prior to taking a course as pass/no pass, we encourage students to explore other academic options such as taking an incompletewithdrawing, or academic forgiveness.
  • This change to pass/no pass does not retroactively impact summer 2020 coursework.

General Guidelines

  • General education courses may be taken pass/no pass.
  • Major and minor courses may be taken pass/no pass.
  • A pass will suffice in courses that are prerequisites for another course.
  • Students should check to make sure that they are receiving letter grades in courses that are required for medical or dental school, law school, graduate school, veteran’s benefits, athletic or visa status, etc. Please consult your pre-healthpre-lawathleticYellow Ribbonspecialized scholarships, or ISO advisor about such requirements.
  • A pass will count to satisfy a minimum grade when a course has a minimum grade to move on to a higher-level course or to avoid repeating the class (e.g., UW 1020).
  • A D- and above is considered a pass.
  • Students who wish to switch from a letter grade to pass/no pass are encouraged to consult with their SEAS professional advisor, faculty advisor, and/or their professor if they have questions about how using the policy might personally impact them.
  • For more information you can review the following page for Frequently Asked Questions.
  • To meet with your SEAS professional advisor you can schedule an appointment or email them to discuss your plans.


Fall 2020 Deadline
All SEAS students may request a switch in their grade mode status to pass/no pass in only one course for the Fall 2002 semester by completing the Pass/No Pass Form - Fall 2020 via the online portal sent to you by email no later than Friday, November 13, 2020 at 5:00 PM ET. After this deadline, changes cannot be made.


Spring 2021 Deadline
For undergraduate programs that follow the university academic calendar, the online form for submitting a choice for the pass/no pass grading option will open on Thursday, April 15. The deadline for submitting a choice will be Thursday, April 29, at 5:00pm ET. No changes will be permitted after submission, and no submissions will be accepted after the deadline.


Spring 2021 P/NP Portal


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