Engineering Careers

All careers in engineering are in high demand with the rise in deeply integrated, complex technologies. For example, self-driving car technology depends on professionals with system and software, signal and image processing, and civil engineering expertise. These disciplines need experienced engineering leadership professionals to guide the direction of sophisticated technical projects and align them with their organizations’ goals.

The growth in technology industries has pushed multiple engineering disciplines toward the top of high-paying and high-demand jobs. Of TechRepublic’s eight highest paid and most in-demand technology jobs in 2018, for example, three were engineering roles.

Average salary for master’s-level GW engineering graduates: $119,547.


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Electrical Engineering Careers – Select Salaries

Electrical engineers can design and manage a variety of complex devices and systems, including electrical control devices, power grids, and communication networks that govern the operation of other utilities and countless other organizations.

Title Median Salary
Principal Electrical Engineer $124,148
Senior Electrical Engineer $99,107
Staff Engineer $96,091
Radio Frequency Engineer $82,084
Electrical Engineer $73,099


Engineering Management – Select Salaries

Engineering managers guide their teams in both technical and overall design challenges. They help translate business objectives to technical requirements and implementation needs for their teams.

Job Title Median Salary
Vice President, Engineering $158,767
Senior Engineering Project Manager $111,483
Senior Project Engineer $92,279
Engineering Project Manager $88,714
Project Engineer $66,816


Systems Engineering – Select Salaries

Systems engineers play a critical role in ensuring that the engineering projects and systems within their organizations are implemented correctly and optimized throughout their lifecycles. In most cases, they must possess a keen eye for detail while still being able to see the big picture; this is especially true for integration-focused engineers, who must ensure that multiple systems are interoperable.

Job Title Median Salary
Senior Software Engineer $109,318
Senior Systems Engineer $100,467
Aerospace Engineer $85,693
System Integration Engineer $78,118
IT System Engineer $72,599


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